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Concept #1

2012-03-19 21:36:41 by ArticWolf811

Thought id just show off some random concepts. This character has no name yet but its still in the making and I'm hoping to make much more changes to it. enjoy ^.^

Concept #1

Im back!! hopefully.....

2011-05-22 20:52:19 by ArticWolf811

Alright its been awhile.....actually, SWEET CANADIAN MULET ITS BEEN A LOOOOONG TIME SINCE MY LAST POST!!!!!! :O
Buuuuuut im back...well atleast for now, to be honest ive just been really lazy but hopefully ill get up off my ass and then sit back down on it to draw more often. I guess we'll see :P

a slight delay.....

2010-11-06 22:23:13 by ArticWolf811

its taking a long for me to post another drawing becus my teacher has my sketchbook and i havnt gotten it back yet and i hav absolutly no im pretty much screwed till i get it back lol

i hate homework T_T

2010-10-14 19:05:58 by ArticWolf811

homework and projects have been delaying my art for sometime now and i hate it.....promise.....more art up soon :P

fall weather

2010-09-09 22:19:34 by ArticWolf811

ahhhhhhhhh the fall is almost here and i love. fall is the time when i get most creative and most inspired so if i find time from school expect alot more art from me, cus i know ive been inactive for abit. SO HERES HERE TO AUTUMN!!!!!

just another sketch tht i dnt think is good enough for the art portal but still worth sharing

another quick and simple design

Deviant account

2010-08-23 01:53:34 by ArticWolf811

i decided to make a deviant art account and if anyones interested heres the link

everything is pretty much the same except my name change (which i lik much better) and now i can add photographs so im puttin afew of those in (i posted one here to get u interested)

if u dnt feel lik checkin it out i will still be active here on newgrounds :)

Deviant account

side drawing

2010-08-17 21:06:39 by ArticWolf811

this is just a litte drawing i did inna short amount of time with little effort but much thought put into. thought it wasnt good enough to post in the portal so imma just put rite here :D

side drawing

almost done

2010-03-09 21:07:31 by ArticWolf811

finally found some time to draw. and im almost done, new pic should be up somtime in the next 2 days


2010-03-07 16:18:56 by ArticWolf811

im gettin swarmed with homework and im tryin to find time to draw somthing.....but.......havin abit of trouble. So rite now i have no idea when ill be active again. Hopefully in the next week or so :(